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This little trick makes your towels soft and comfortable!

Find out how to make your towels soft and cozy with this simple trick

Do you know the feeling when you dry yourself after a refreshing shower but your towel seems uncomfortably stiff and scratchy? Some towels become hard and scratchy after being washed, but what is the reason for that? It’s mainly related to the detergent used in your laundry machine as well as the minerals of your water. The good thing is that there is a simple trick that you can apply to make sure you always have cozy, soft towels. Forget the times when you felt like you are rubbing yourself dry with sandpaper.

The easy fix for this problem!

MineralsTowels not only get in contact with soap and small particles of our skin but also with the minerals of the water as well as detergent powder. Unfortunately, it’s especially these minerals that cause them to become stiff. The initial softness of the towels does not last very long but instead of throwing away all your towels, there is a much easier solution to the problem.


One thing you should keep in mind is that higher temperatures are generally beneficial when washing towels. Warm water does a much better job at removing leftover soap and skin particles. That’s important as obviously everyone wants to have clean and fresh towels. Some people use fabric softener as these products promise cozy and soft fabrics but we do not recommend them for a simple reason. There are just too many chemicals in them, many of them are believed to be harmful to your health as well as the longevity of the towels.

If you want soft towels there is a much better way. And the best thing about it is, you probably have all the necessary components at your house already. Check out the next page, to learn more about this fantastic life hack.

Drying towels on the wire

Ammonia and VinegarApart from the high temperatures recommended before, the key to soft towels is using ammonia and vinegar as a simple and easy softener. All you have to do is place a decent amount of these two components in the softener compartment of your washing machine while using the same amount of detergent as before. The reason for the effectiveness of this simple trick is simple. The ammonia added to the laundry ensures that detergent does not adhere to the towels once the clothes are washed. And while the ammonia takes care of the detergent, the vinegar works in a similar way, protecting your towels from mineral residue. This is especially helpful if you live in an area with mineral-rich water. Combined, these two substances eliminate the stiffness of towels you might be used to and help you feel cozy when drying your body.

Remember: We do not recommend the use of fabric softener. Even though many of these products do soften clothes, they pose possible health risks due to the number of chemical substances used.


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