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Want to prevent silverfish from invading your house? Do so with these tips

And you definitely have to do this if you already have them at home
Silverfish are uninvited guests in many households. These slippery creatures move at lightning speed, and they are very difficult to get rid of once they invade.

Preventing the silverfish from moving into your home is easier than getting rid of them once they’ve entered.

Silverfish can cause an allergic reaction with symptoms that are similar to asthma. Think of stuffiness, watery eyes and a runny nose. They are also carriers of bacteria. All sorts of bacteria are attached to the legs of silverfish and paperfish, and you obviously don’t want that in your house.

Silverfish love a moist environment and penetrate your house through cracks and holes. They often hide in the walls of your house, between them and the insulation. It is nice, warm and humid there. Because silverfish thrive best in a humid climate, do everything you can to avoid moisture in the house. Read on the following page how you can best prevent them.

Meeting place
You may often find silverfish on the floor of your bathroom because it is nice and humid there. You may also find them in the bathtub. The critters can’t walk well on slippery surfaces, so when they try to climb into or out of the bathtub they often slide back down.

Do you want to know how to prevent and repel these critters? Continue reading on the next page.

Prevention is better than cure, so it is best to ensure that you do not create a pleasant environment for these dirty insects. They like to live under our laminate and parquet floors and only come out at night.

Do this to prevent silverfish:

Make sure you avoid moisture as much as possible by ventilating damp rooms and letting clothes dry well before putting them away. If you have a very damp house, use a moisture regulator.
Make sure you keep the temperature around 22 degrees. Silverfish are fond of warm places.
Discard old paper, and do not leave it exposed for too long. If you do not want to throw it away, store it in sealed containers.
Also store potatoes and fruit in dry places. These two things are extremely attractive to these fish.
Has the damage already happened? Then try the following trick: halve a potato and put it in an open plastic bag. Silverfish are fond of starch, so they will flock here in droves. If you have caught a few bugs, close the plastic bag and throw it away.


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